Communication and planning is key

We love learning what our clients want to accomplish and helping bring it to fruition. And if you need ideas we are here to help.


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We are grateful to have worked with some the of the best people.


From giants like Walmart, EA Sports, Coats and  SC Johnson all the way to your local church, dance studio  or family needing a memory montage or wedding: Everyone matters to the Magic Crew.

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If you have a project that you need done right

by some of the best around

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We are best known for 2 things:   (1) dedication to customer service    (2) being the best equipped


Our clients appreciate that our focus is helping them and that we have the tools to deliver the quality they need.


We have the gear to get results:  28 cameras, 32 microphones, 16 tripods, 6 gimbals, 3 drones, 2 jibs, 37 lights, 5 workstations, 2 sliders, 2 switchers,  1 stunt dummy (he prefers to be called stunt man) and more than we can list.


The Magic Crew has you covered. 

Our twin turbo Magic Machine is the fastest production van around, delivering the crew and gear no matter what it takes.


From powering remote shoots and video switching in the field to filming cars and athletes, see what the Magic Machine can do for you.


Having the right tools for the job makes a difference

Since we've been doing this for so long we have staggering capabilities from pre-visualization to aquisition to post produciton and special effects. If you can dream it up, chances are we can do it.

See what we've done and what we can do for you.  Need help branding your business? Want to stand out from the competition?

Need 3-D animation, virtual sets, super slow motion, special effects, multiple angles, driving or flying shots?